Services that we offer

Centrium Tech Ltd offers services that can be benefit for your company. Main services that we offer are:

- Project design - We can offer you support for IT & Telecommunication technical parts of the design for your planned systems, part of the system, infrastructure and/or equipment. 

- Project management - Choosing equipment, preparation of project plans, set technical parts of business plan, as also support till implementation and providing proper functioning of builded system.

 - Giving advices in a manner of functionality of the system - If you got existing IT or Telecommunication system, which is functional and you want to know is there a need to upgrade, call us. Our advice and analysis will save amount of your planned budget and you will be assured that you have made right decision doing updates.

- Plans and analysys - We are able to provide you with short-term and long-terms plans and related analysys that will guide your company forward.

- Technical support for implementing or maintenance of IT or Telecommunication system - Prepare your employees professionally to maintain and monitor systems that you use. Also if you have needs of services for elaboration of technical documentation for some system, call us.