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FAQ for Network Programmability Online Course

1. What is the content of this Course?

Network Programmability Online Course presents an understanding of Debian Linux: basic commands, network commands, writing basic Bash Scripts and automation using Bash Scripts. Also, there is a need for understanding Python programming language as starting point for network programmability: basic syntax, data formats, interaction with network devices and translation to different data formats, creating Python scripts for network automation. Also, there is a significant number of code examples, either written in Bash Shell or Python code or presentation of how to use Linux network automation/telemetry tools. These learning labs present a wide portfolio from basic examples to the overall scenario to manage network devices for network programmability, enabling network automation or model-driven telemetry.

2. How the process of learning will be achieved?

After we will provide you with learning materials/labs, the process of learning is through open interaction with a personal instructor in online video communication.

3. Are these codes usable for real network automation?

Sure. It depends on the scenario if network tools are used, or Python code is written, or even Bash Scripts are written for this.

4. How in these learning labs is presented interaction with network devices?

Practical examples are basically guides on how to check the capabilities of network devices, which protocols we will use to ensure reliable communication to any of them and how to prepare them to be managed as a group of devices presenting the use of Templates.

5. Who has to attend this course?

Usually, network administrators need to satisfy their curiosity in an unknown field for them. But also, it might be useful for developers that got experience writing code, but have a lack of knowledge of how to interact with the various network devices (either different vendors or because of their different versions of operating systems).  Also, students are more than welcomed, because they will know ‘How to do it’ after they have read theory or news about technology.

6. Are there learning labs where network tools are used?

Yes. There are examples of various network tools used. You will get info on what they are used for, and how to use them. Also, the comparison between them, which to use or which to prefer in a specific scenario.

7. Are there will be updates of these materials with new tools or approaches, if available?

Of course, we check any updates on the development of the network programmability. If we find a network environment that might be used to create a learning lab to check the abilities of new network tools, that will be done and added to the other learning labs.

8. If we need special questions for a specific solution in our company, will you be able to provide support?

If you need to test network environment, or you need to ask for an optimal/workable solution, we will provide our support for you, offering you our consultancy services for extra fees, especially for telecom operators that need to change their administration of network to be mostly done remotely by their employees.