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Laser Safety Officer certification

Laser Safety Officer certification can be earned after passing the online certification exam inside the  Academy Centrium Tech LTD platform.

– Prerequisites – To be able to take this test and gain a certificate, you must have a minimum of previous 5-year working experience with optical telecommunications networks or have worked near telecommunication laser equipment. It is desirable (but not mandatory, if you have relevant working experience) that the candidate possess a university degree in the field of electrical engineering or telecommunications. Any person who wishes to be tested to have the opportunity to obtain a Laser Safety Officer certificate must have completed a prior laser safety training, and to provide valid evidence for attendance issued from our company or from another training company.

– Online test – Before testing, candidates are given a unique online link where the test is set up, only for them. The candidate is registering on the test platform. The test consists of 25 unique questions, created by CentriumTech LTD. Questions contain text, images, or tables from which it is necessary to find the result of the calculations. The answers to the questions are with one correct answer, two correct answers or more correct answers to be selected (to be chosen). More complicated questions require candidates to make calculations to get the right result. Upon completion of the test, the test platform automatically informs the candidate of the results of the test.

Completion of testing and validation of results – Upon completion of testing, in the test platform the results of each candidate remain. They are reviewed by CentriumTech LTD and if there are at least 85% accurate results finally it is confirmed that the test is successful. If the result is below this limit, the test can be repeated. CentriumTech LTD introduces a rule of opportunity for a candidate to be tested a maximum of 3 times. In case you do not pass the test three times, due to the sensitivity of the Telco Laser Safety, and in order to ensure quality workplace protection, CentriumTech LTD does not allow this candidate to obtain a certificate for the Laser Safety Officer, so it will have to seek a test facility with other companies if it wants to acquire a similar certificate.

– Certification – In the case of the test success, the candidate will be informed within 14 days that he has obtained a certificate for the Laser Safety Officer and will receive it in electronic form. The certificate is in a unique form, indicating that the person is a certified Laser Safety Officer. If the candidate wishes to receive the certificate in a written paper, he will have to deposit the delivery address and pay further for printing the paper version of the certificate and its delivery to the address.

– Certificate validity period – The Laser Safety Officer certificate is valid for a period of 5 years.

Our new Telco Laser Safety products

We can offer you two products related to Telco Laser Safety:

1. Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit

2. Telco Laser Safety training

For more information about these products, you are able to check the FAQ below.


1. What is Telco Laser Safety?

Telco Laser Safety is an overall process of measures and activities that an organization, which offers or use telecommunication services, accepts to avoid or decrease the risk from laser eye or skin injury in the working place.

2. Does Telco Laser Safety cover all types of lasers in all industries?

Telco Laser Safety gives directions and related information for Optical Fiber Communication Systems but doesn’t cover all possible laser use. It is applicable just for telecommunication lasers. That means applicable to telecommunication operators and companies that have implemented optical fiber communication technology through the use of laser equipment.

3.  What is Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit?

Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit are documents prepared on the base of the IEC and EN accepted standards and technical reports that treat Laser Safety in Telecommunication networks. Those documents are policies, procedures, Guides and Forms that organization which operate and maintain Optical Fiber Communication System accepts and integrate into their management practice.

4. Who is responsible to sign, maintain, upgrade these documents from the Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit?

In the operating organization responsible for preparing, handling, maintaining and upgrading those documents is Laser Safety Officer. But, some of these documents are accepted and signed by the organization management.

5. What is a telecommunication organization committed to, when it accepts Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit documents?

Telecommunication organization is declaring a commitment to calculate risk from an eye or skin laser injury, to implement safety measures and to provide adequate Telco Laser Safety training to the personnel that operate, maintain and service OFCS parts. Actions that the organization accepts are listed in the documents which are part of the Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit.

6. What is Telco Laser Safety training?

Telco Laser Safety training contains materials that explain the basics of the optical fiber networks technologies, in regards to Laser Safety. That means which types of laser injuries can occur and on which OFCS location positions, which is affected by these injuries mostly, what are the OFCS location types, how the laser equipment is classified, how laser Hazard Level is evaluated, how the optical technology influence on the Hazard Level, which laser parameters influence the increased risk from injury, how to assess and calculate hazard level, how to chose, use, maintain and replace eye or skin protective equipment, and also how and where to implement labels, markings, additional information, administrative controls etc.

7. Is Telco Laser Safety training obligatory to all companies that have OFCS?

Telco Laser Safety training is targetted at companies that have personnel that operate, maintain and service OFCS parts. Mostly these are telecommunication operators and companies that integrate OFCS, where there is a high Hazard Level found in one or more than one OFCS locations. But, Telco Laser Safety training is recommended as well for telecommunication operators and companies that integrate OFCS, to be able to avoid possible laser injuries from operational misuse or operation of non-trained personnel.

8. What those that attend this Telco Laser Safety training will learn?

Telco Laser Safety training contains multimedia written and spoken materials that provide significant information to attendees to understand the terminology of Laser Safety, to understand laser equipment types and OFCS parts in regards to laser safety, to know to read instructions and directions, to be aware of the safe operational practice and to provide adequate personal protection in the OFCS location positions with high risk from the laser-related eye or skin injury.

9. In which ways you can attend Telco Laser Safety training?

Telco Laser Safety training materials are multimedia materials that provide precise instructions and guides. Companies or telecommunication operator that are interested in Telco Laser Safety training are able to receive those materials as a digital copy and later are able to share them with its employees as learning data or through the presentation in internal Telco Laser Safety training. Also, there is an option to contact us and later to receive a link where Telco Laser Safety training materials will be published online only for your needs. And finally, we are able to provide you with seminars or webinars on the subject.

10. Are Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit and also Telco Laser Safety training free or there is a need to pay for any of them?

These materials are professionally based materials intended just for the companies that integrate telecommunication laser equipment and are not free. For the price and related questions for Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit or for Telco Laser Safety training, you can freely contact us at