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How to use Bash Scripts and Python code to create a project?

We know that during writing Python code, sometimes because of lack of programming experience, or because of short deadline or because of the complexity of the output format of data from Python code we may use as support Bash Scripts to achieve our planned goal.

Depending of our needs in Bash Script we may execute one or more Python codes, or we can collect output from a Python file and we will process it and create the result we expect.

Bash Scripts can be useful especially in cases where we need to analyze some text saved in a document and sort data from it. So, during this process of creating your project, it is useful if you can create temporary text files and later in the Bash Script you will remove them. The intention is to store some changed data in the new file, and after the operation is done this file is no longer needed. In this case, you do not create new documents that will be junk files.

As an example we will present a simple project, that plots all (X, Y, Z) dots that solve the equation:


To understand the solution for this equation, we know that integer and float numbers can be a solution to this equation, but also there are complex numbers that can satisfy this solution.

This example is shown in the following document x2+y2=z2