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Free online certification for Optical Networks Design

CentriumTech LTD Academy has a new module, for free online certification. Its main goal is to fill the gap that existed in Optical Networks Design field certification.

This certification program is open to any individuals, as students or professionals in the field of telecommunication optical networks design, that need to prove their knowledge and attain the certificate. This certificate program gives an opportunity to recognize telecommunication students and professionals as an expert in the field and that they are ready to work on Optical Networks Design.

Certification test that has to be passed, with at least 82% correct answers, contains questions that for someone looks easy at the first point, but some of them are kind of tricky. So, experience, knowledge, and research have to be combined together to be able to be successful in this test.

After finishing this test, you need to fill your details and most important your e-mail address, for us to be able to contact you later if you successfully passed the test. All successful candidates will receive later, no more than two weeks, their earned certificate.

If you like to attempt for 2nd, 3rd, … the 9th attempt on test use new username credentials, For example, if your 1st attempt on the test was with username ‘randy’, the 2nd attempt on the test should be with username ‘randy1’, etc.

Questions in the test for Optical Networks Design may be changed at a random time, but at least once a week.

We have to give courage to all telco students, telco professionals and design engineers that have interest in the field to earn this certificate and prove their knowledge for Optical Networks Design, that might bring them success in the future working career.

Optical Networks Design certificate is valid for 5 years, from the day that you successfully finish a required test.

If you want to test your skills in Optical Network Design and earn a certificate, follow this link: Free online certification for Optical Networks Design.