Monthly Archives: August 2013

Question is now?

Nowadays we are dealing in the evolving role of mobile services, to the population. The trend is going on acceptance of Android, Windows Mobile and iOS on mobile devices. So is the software market prepared for new applications.

Actually, it is on the run. Going exponentially. Small applications, that can be useful. And there are more coming. And people are accepting this with a gesture:

– Ok. This is something.

We are at the point that we can’t underestimate the influence of the applications on our mobile devices.

All we need is free Wi-Fi access and we have anything we want: free telephone calls, free video calls, free social networking. All for free. But that is who we are and what we like to accept.

Is that will be the next challenge for Wi-Fi acceptance in the companies and make all in our hands. And all the cheap Wi-Fi routers everywhere?

What about operators and their services? Is it that payment model is crushing and we are in the middle of nowhere?


Choosing proper Project Management Software

We know that we have a need for a useful software tool, to complete our requirements. Sometimes we expect a lot, but in any case, modern times gives opportunities to choose between different vendors or even free software.

Our advice is to use just a few software management tools, that can be compatible and easy to manage.

One of many free management tools is¬†OpenProj. So, why to recommend between the others. Most important it is compatible with¬†Microsoft Office Project, so you’ll avoid compatibility problems if you need to share project file.

Secondly is free. Easy to navigate, simple to use, allows a clear view of your project tasks and activities.

We recommend it. So, you can try it.